Monday, August 3, 2015

Sacrament Meeting and other notitas

Hello my fantastic family!

This was a happy week. I suggested to Elder Laureano today that we say hi and smile to everyone in the street and he took it to another level. When I looked back, I don't think there was a single person who wasn't slightly touched by our smiles and hellos. It made me happy too.

The Zone Conference went well. We had three zones there and we learned more about companion unity. It was great to hear from Pres. Bowler again. There has been some disobedience in the mission recently and it's improving. He talked in the conference about the proper use of cellphones because people are communicating with other missionaries, past converts and members from past areas, and they shouldn't do that. He also talked about health and other rules. Nothing major to do with us (Laureano and I) and I think our Zone is good too but there is always room to become better.

Mom, I would like to have a new pair a blue pants, if possible? Thanks! I like the blue. And some more ties please because the ones I've had are... well, one year with 15 ties and you'll get the idea. But thank you for the ties you sent in the last package. I would wear those everyday because they are super cool but I'll get bored of them if I do that.

Okay, cool story time. This happened yesterday. I wrote this to President Bowler but rather than retell the story, I just pasted it here:

This week we had a really great Sacrament Meeting. It was fast and testimony meeting and I was fasting that the spirituality of our meetings would increase. Everyone that had gone up to give their testimonies had strong testimonies. But towards the end, a really shy member that has never given his testimony before (he hardly ever speaks but he comes every Sunday without a doubt) got up and gave his testimony. He was trembling and nervous but he gave his testimony and tears started coming to my eyes because it was super neat and the Spirit was so strong. Then the leaders were about to close the testimony part of the meeting and our investigator, Juan (he's been really stubborn with us but he's been progressing), sat up in his chair quickly and said to us, "Can I share my testimony?" Everyone in the room heard and was really startled but we said that he could, and he got up and gave his testimony. He said, "These two handsome young men are very special people. I've not been studying with the missionaries but when they come I sit close by and listen to them. One of them told me to pray to know if the Book of Mormon was true. So the other night, I prayed and I wanted to know. That night I dreamed that my stomach was covered in worms and a voice commanded me to remove them. Then I saw these two missionaries in my dream and the voice said, 'Listen to their message.'" Juan started to cry and he bore his testimony that God answers prayers and that this is the true church. He can't be baptized though because he has to be separated from his "wife". Both of them want to be baptized but they don't want to marry each other and they live in the same house, in separate beds. Juan drives trucks all week long and visits when he's not traveling. we'll see how they're doing this week, I think on Wednesday night.

I just wanted to share that cool story. I know God answers prayers too. He loves us and is very mindful of us and our trials.

On top of that, Mom, I just want to share with the ward (this Mom has to speak on her missionary son's mission Sunday in church) that "I've had a lot of doubts during my mission and a lot of trials but I have learned that perfect love casteth out all fear." That love comes from the Gospel of love. All the other churches teach a Gospel that may be good but to understand why this is the true Gospel, you first must try it out, experiment on it, and one will find that they become happier not because of what we teach, but because of the different choices they begin to make because of what they are learning. I have learned in a more personal way, that the Holy Ghost does it all. I have seen him touch people's hearts and those people have changed for the better. It's all about love. It's all about happiness and our families. The true Gospel of Jesus Christ unites families here on earth and in heaven for all eternity.

I'll send the pics of the shoes in a separate email. Love you all! Thanks for the letters Kristen and Megan (and Mom and Dad). Enjoy Midway without me :D Kyle will win if he plays croquet... actually Jess will win over Kyle.

Spencer Tuft

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