Monday, August 24, 2015

President Nelson, Singing, Book of Mormon

Feel free to go by my Facebook post and listen to the quartet. Elder Huff sent the audio to his mom. WOW!Hello Family,                                                                                                       

This week was a really unique week. I don't think I'll ever have a week that comes close to being similar. 

I'll start with President Russell M. Nelson coming because that was the biggest highlight. It was awesome to sit and study and prepare for him to walk in and then when he walked in everyone stood up. We got to shake his hand one by one and when I shook his hand, President Nelson looked me right in the eyes and said, "It's good to see you Elder Tuft." 

We got to sing right after the opening prayer, and that was really awesome. We were all so nervous and my legs were shaking uncontrollably. But it went really well. President Nelson wanted to see our faces but the camera angle on the screen for the people sitting in the stand blocked a few of our faces. But he liked it. Then we heard from Elder Duncan and his wife and the two presidents from the missions Comayaguela and Tegucigalpa and then it was President Nelson's turn. And guess what... you won't believe this but he said, "I loved the quartet. It was a beautiful arrangement. I just want to pick on Elder Tuft for a moment. Elder Tuft, can you come up here?" I was really shocked but I stood up and about half way he said, "What should you always have with you?" So I turned around and grabbed my scriptures because I thought they are pretty important and then he said, "Your companion Elder Tuft." And Elder Laureano was shaking a ton at that point too! So we made it up there and he gave us both big side hugs and then asked us to introduce ourselves and then asked us questions about the branch. He asked us, "Who's you best friend?" I said, "Victor Alvarez, the Elder's Quorum President." and he asked me who else was my best friend and I mentioned the President of the Branch and then he gave me one last try and I said, "Well I think the Young Men are pretty awesome in the branch," and he laughed at that. So he helped me out and said, "The Ward Mission Leader should be your best friend because he links you to the ward or branch. Your second best friend should be the ward family history consultant." And we talked a lot more about the things we should focus and learn more about to be able to teach Honduras better.

President Nelson also talked about an experience he had. He said that one night he was sleeping and two girls that he had operated on 50 years ago came to him and woke him up. They told him that they wanted their sealing work done. So President Nelson asked his wife to search the names in Family Search and he found out that the mom of the girls had died but the dad was still alive. So he met with the dad and asked him, "Will you work on getting to the temple to be sealed to your family?" And the man replied in tears that he would. It was a great experience to listen to.

President Nelson also told us, "There are more men without the Priesthood than with the Priesthood in the church. The Lord is not pleased with this." And that hit me hard. We need to be working on FAMILIES. He also said, "Let me help you missionaries see the vision. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, The Gift of the Holy Ghost, Endowment, Sealing, Endure to the end. Do you understand that we need people going to the temple to be sealed for all eternity?" 

At the end when President Nelson finished, he left an apostolic blessing on us and our families. He told us that if we are true disciples of Christ, we will be attractive to those around us and people ready to hear the Gospel will come to us. Then he said that if we had sick family members, they would be fully healed according to the Lord's will and our faith in Christ. It was a spiritually moving moment. When Elder Nelson left, we were so filled with the Holy Ghost that many remained seated and didn't stand. Elder Laureano and I stood up and then our Zone and then the whole back part of the chapel stood up one by one as Elder Nelson waved good bye. I wanted to spend the whole day with that man. I felt special listening to him. I can't even imagine what it'll be like to see Jesus face to face and touch his hands and feet and listen to him talk to us. That will be an awesome day.

So I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish and English now and I'm starting to read the D&C now along with the Bible. I'm learning a lot and I'm becoming a happier person too because I understand the importance of what I'm reading. 

I also gave a talk in church this Sunday. Elder Laureano was going to give one but the District President came and wanted to take a few minutes. I talked about Covenants and Sacrifices... those were two of the things that Elder Nelson wants us to teach to everyone, Members and Non-Members. I feel so happy that I know what I need to be teaching... or in other words, that I know how I need to be teaching the lessons. What President Nelson told us, opened up my eyes to see more of what we need to do as missionaries.

Mom and Dad, before my mission, I didn't know I had so many doubts about the Gospel, or not doubts but many questions. Now I know that the answer to some questions I might not receive real fast or even never. But I know that God lives. I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet. The Book of Mormon was inspired scripture by God. I have no questions about those things. Sometimes God withholds his mighty revealing hand to help us, just like Milo is learning to walk. Sometimes Milo needs to walk on his own and fall so that he can learn. But that doesn't mean mom and dad aren't there to help catch him. The same applies to God and us. 

I'll print off your letters and respond next week. 

Love you,
Elder Tuft

PS. Dad, I was looking up at the stars the other night and just wondered about God for a little bit. Taking time to be still is very important.

Mom, Elizabeth had her baby and she's very healthy right now. They're doing great but can't go to church quite yet.

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  1. Thanks for I sharing that! The experience with President Nelson sounds so inspiring! I love what he said he said about strengthening families and that is amazing to me there are more without the priesthood than with. There is work to do. I listened to the quartet and they sounded wonderful!