Monday, August 10, 2015

The ward, and cool news

Hello Mom and Dad,

This week was a hectic week with a Zone Leader Council on Wednesday. When we have Meetings in Teguc, we have to go a night before and sleep in the AP's house. So we went and I ate Subway which was a little expensive. They say Five Dollar Foot Long, but here it's, "Five Dollar Half-foot Long". And that's without a beverage. So that was costly. And while we're talking about money, don't freak-out when you see that I took out a lot of money from my debit card. I took it out because I ordered a new suit. The suits here are really nice and much cheaper than in the US and my other suit can't be washed here and it's really, really gross right now. Just imagine wearing a suit for a whole year every Sunday and not washing it. So the suit that is coming has pants that I can wash too and so that's cool. I bought it last week and paid a part of the cost. Next week I'll get the suit and pay for the rest.

On the 22nd this month, an Apostle is coming to talk to all the missionaries in Teguc and in Comayaguela missions. We don't know who but I'll have my new suit by then and be looking a lot better in that. We were instructed by President Bowler to read 3 Nephi 11-27 as many times as week could in the next few weeks to prepare our minds.

There are missionary changes next week on Tuesday as well so a few people will be leaving the zone and others will be coming in.

In the pictures I sent you last week, the two young women are Ana and Elizabeth. Ana is the shorter, Elizabeth is the pregnant one. And she's still pregnant even though I think she should've had her baby by now. She's overdue I think now. I'm thinking this week is the week for her to have the baby.

Ana and Elizabeth came to church but Juan didn't. Their mom (Suyapa) has only gone one time and never came back even though she liked it a lot. Suyapa is trying to stop smoking and I think she feels uncomfortable being in church with so many nice people around. I think she feels out-of-place but she's also been sick these past weeks. We gave her a blessing and she started to cry in the blessing. She has a lot of Faith and she feels and recognizes the Holy Ghost but has been a little out of touch with us lately. I'm hoping this week, she will be able to accompany us in a lesson and at church.

Elizabeth is stuck in making the choice to marry her boyfriend or separate themselves but Danny (the boyfriend) doesn't want to go to church and sometimes makes fun of Elizabeth calling her "Mormon-girl". Danny is a big hurtle right now for her.

Dad, Those comments I made at the beginning of the mission are really dumb comments looking back on when I started. I can see how I've grown little by little. It's almost embarrassing to read who I was because I've become a better person. It's hard to imagine that that was only one year ago.

Sounds like you guys had fun at the cabin. Lindsay, Sing your heart out and do all you can to study. It's worth it in the end. It's much more valuable than hanging out with friends or being glued to a phone. The phone and friends are just temporary distractions but I wish I could have been more wise and more diligent in my study time. If I could go back and do it again, I would put my whole heart into studying and doing many things to learn, progress, and help other people. Keep up the great work! :D

Did Jess win?  If Jess didn't win it's because Audrey won by default.

I just wanted to share what I wrote to President this week. It's probably the most valuable lesson I've learned on the mission. It has to do with loving other unconditionally. I didn't get the "unconditional" part of true love:

Hello President Bowler,
Today was a great week and hard to find people to teach but the people we found could be really great. This week there is a carnival in Centro, San Lorenzo and so a ton of people are going to that at night and there haven't been as many people in their houses. I was happy to see that the members made it to church though. I've been trying to be super nice to everyone and be respectful of other peoples' beliefs. It was really hard when we found a Pastor of another church and he was asking questions to egg us on. But we did good and left without contention. That has been an issue for me. It's not that I've gotten mad at people but I can feel a difference when I'm loving the people or when I'm trying to prove my point. I don't like the feeling I get when I try to prove my point. But I like the feeling and the happiness I get when I know I did what my Savior would've done. When I do what He wants me to do, I feel good inside. When I feel genuinely good, I know that I'm doing His will. It's been a rough road, adjusting to Honduran culture and beliefs and patterns of thinking. It's really different from the US.

I'm really happy to be here in San Lorenzo and for having such a great zone full of great, hard-working, and loving missionaries.

Have a wonderful week Family!
Elder Tuft

Mom, Got you're message right now. Contacting is difficult here right now because of the Carnival. It would seem to be easier but there's not as many people in our area now. As far as other investigators, I'll update you next week. Love you!

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