Monday, August 17, 2015

A short one today...

Hi Family!

Well tomorrow we'll find out who has changes. I don't think I'm leaving yet. There won't be many that leave.

I don't have much time this week to write. There are four other missionaries that need to write in a half hour.

I'm able to print your letters off this week and I'll write you all the answers and comments that I have next week.

GREAT JOB KYLE (on graduation)!!! Love you tons big brother. Thanks for setting a great example for me.

I'll write about Elder Nelson coming in my next letter. OH! And I have the privilege to sing with Elder Huff, Elder Hirschi, and Elder Westburg when Elder Nelson comes! I'm so excited, we'll sing How Great Thou Art! I have been companions with two of those three! hahaha :D God wants us to sing a lot, I think :D

Talk to you later,
Elder Tuft

PS. I'll try the suit washing. Mom, you can deposit $200. That would be fine, I'm not planning on using any extra money this month. I'm working out a budget book right now.


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