Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ana's Baptism, AP divisions, Zone Conference

Hello Mom and Dad,

I'm happy you're doing better this week Mom. Sounds like a lot of things have gone on at home but the important thing is that everyone is safe and sound at home. And Mom, wasn't it you that always sang, "There is beauty all around, when there's NO one is home."??? Haha just a joke. 

This week we had a baptism that I forgot to tell you guys about. Ana got baptized this week. We broke the curse of Mongollanos finally. It's been 8ish months here without a baptism. Ana is really good and the baptism went well. She got out of the font and I had to go back in to undo the water stop so the font would drain, and when I got out, Ana was crying in her sister's arms. We asked her how she felt after the baptism and she said she felt overwhelmed with happiness. Her sister piped in and said, "Ana was crying!" Ana's Dad told me, "Joven, you have the gift of baptism!" I just had to laugh at that. We explained everything about the Holy Ghost and the confirmation to Ana and her family after. 

Ana's sister, Elizabeth, has been preparing to get baptized, as well. She reads more than anyone and she really wants to know if it's true. She said that she feels it's true. But Elizabeth has to get married to her partner (or move out) if she wants to get baptized. Her partner is a member, as well, but he doesn't want to go back to church. Elizabeth is also getting ready to have her third child and it's a girl. She's due very, very soon. They are really great people. Ana's Mom is trying to stop smoking. We asked her if she had cigarettes in her house and she said she had one and that she only smokes one before going to bed. She said it helps relax her and that she can't sleep without it. We told her that if she wanted to stop smoking she had to get rid of it. She told us she'd keep it there as a reminder to not smoke and we told her that was a bad idea. So we came back the next day and said, "Hermanos, I smoked. I'm so sorry." And we just had to explain to her that she's not hurting us but she's hurting herself, her family, and Heavenly Father. So she bought some little candies to chew instead of smoking at night and she's struggling but she's not giving up.

That's all for this week. The shoe pictures I'll send with Hna Bowler tomorrow. I'll see her I bet in the Zone Conference tomorrow. If not, I found a way to transfer fotos to my USB from my camera with magic :) and so I'll get them to you next Monday

Mister Spencer James

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