Monday, July 13, 2015

Elder Laureano is my new companion

Hi Mom and Dad,

I'm sorry but I won't have much time to write today either. I have to split my hour with Elder Laureano, my new companion. He's really great. He's from the Dominican Republic and has 17 months in the mission. But He's really laid back and helping me learn a lot of new things. It was quite the contrast from Elder Cruz. I got to see a stressful side of the mission and now I get to see a laid back side of the mission. In both cases we were and are working really hard and being obedient always.

I'll figure out how to get a picture of my shoes to you somehow. (They are under a 2 year warranty with Missionary Mall in Orem.)

It didn't feel like 115 degrees the other week but I think that's because I'm adjusting to the heat.

We haven't been able to find Jimmy in his house and able to talk to us for this week but we did find him a few times and invited him to the activities and to church and he came to all of them. He's ready to be baptized but he just has to set a goal and reach that goal to stop smoking.

Suyapa and her family are doing great. Turns out the the guy she doesn't have any kind of relations with the current man living in her house, Juan. But they need to be separated or married to be baptized. Ana will be baptized on the 25th this month. Elizabeth is living with a inactive member of the church and he is really uncomfortable talking with us but Elizabeth wants to be baptized and wants the gospel soooo much in her life. She loves the church and she's seen changes in her life already. Ana has had the same feelings and experiences as well.

Misael... Well we've heard he has problems with the law of chastity and we don't know for sure. And he keeps telling us he'll come to church and then he doesn't come. So, we cancelled the baptism for him this week. I don't know if he'll be baptized quite yet. He's not ready.

Living conditions here are still normal. Pila to wash clothes, small fridge, small stove. The kitchen sink is the bathroom sink... stuff like that but it's really clean. The owner is really nice and helps us out a lot. We have air conditioning (what a blessing!!!) But we only use it for 4 hours and then we shut the door to keep it cool during the night. It mostly stays cool but sometimes in the middle of the night, I wake up and turn it on again. Our house is small but I'm glad! We don't have to clean as much if it's small.

Mamá, ¿estás trunky? :D  I do know my release date. Some one calculated it in my group at the beginning of our two years and so all the district that I came with knows when they go home. Don't be asking if I got my travel plans yet.... That's sooo far away still.

I do not think I will find spray bottles her in the south. We have one store called the Dispensa Familiar and it has very little of what we're used to in the united states. But it's a great store and satisfies our needs. I've never seen spray bottles here, only in Teguc.

We are going to the temple tomorrow at 4 in the morning and then we have our session at 12.

Dad, My area is called Mongollanos. The zone is named San Lorenzo. There are 20 missionaries in the zone with 8 sisters and 12 elders. San Lorenzo is really hot... I had to shower twice in one day once. I love cold water showers here.

We are working with a member family that is way active and they are helping us with some visits. Elder Cruz and I prayed that someone would come and help us with the branch here and one week later this family moved in with the mom of the husband. They come from a ward in the north part of Honduras that has more than 400 members every Sunday. They are great members in the church. Emilio is the dad and Allison is the mom. Allison is very pregnant as well with a baby boy. Emilio is starting a pastry shop in his house first and then they'll get bigger as they go. As for other members this week, we had an activity for the adult members to go on visits and splits with us for an hour and that was a success. This week we had 69 people come to church. We also had 6 investigators come to church. Some of them we've only visited once. We will be making visits to them this week.

Got to go now :D Love you and Thanks for the pictures. I tried to answer all the questions.

Elder Tuft
Hurah por Israel!

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