Friday, July 24, 2015

Learning from Elder Laureano

Hey Dad and Mom,

It's great to see that everything is going good for you both and the family. I'm doing great here in Mongollanos. We got some rain this week, which was great... hot rain that is. But we had fun playing in the rain as we walked. We found a Catholic guy and he let us in to talk while the rain passed. We asked if we could share a message with him and he agreed that it would be appropriate. So we explained the Restoration with him and he told us, "I respect your beliefs," many times throughout the lesson and towards the end he became unsure of himself and started to be convinced but then he put up that wall again and closed his heart to us. He told us that it was tradition in his family to be Catholic and that he was happy there. So we left. But I'm glad he could at least recognize and respect the truth even when he didn't want to accept it into his life. He was very different from other people. Maybe later, missionaries will pass by and talk to him and perhaps baptize him from seeds planted in the past.

I'll try to respond to all your questions this week as best as I can.

Elder C. went to a neighboring city just south of us. He's still serving as Zone Leader there as well. I got along with him fine but I wasn't going to be buddies with him. I have a deep respect and love for him and for what he taught me. But we did struggle once in a while. He would stop in the street and just tell me, "Elder, what you did back there bugged me," and then he would talk about it for a while and tell me to change it. He did it in a loving way but it was hard to have the Spirit with us when he wouldn't tell me, forgive me, and LET IT GO. But I appreciate what he taught me and what he helped me to become. Elder C. is from Peru by the way.

Elder Laureano is a relaxed companion. I love the way he energizes people and he's very creative with the way he does things. He's helps me think outside the box a lot to try and help the zone grow and learn. They are doing really good right now. He's on top of everything and he's never afraid to call anyone to make sure things get done. With Elder C., we taught the DL's and let the DL's teach the districts. Now we are taking a more active part in the zone to get them moving. We are constantly looking for ways to make sure everyone is happy and teaching the gospel with the Holy Ghost.

YOU ARE STALKING ME DAD! Just freaked me out a little bit with the photo and all. I wasn't expecting to see the chapel I attend attached to my email... San Lorenzo is a popular place just to pass by and stay a night here.

The branch is growing in enthusiasm but they need to be more obedient. I heard the mission will be split soon. They'll make a mission in the South that will have 200 missionaries of it's own. It'll be interesting and great. Probably, I won't be here when it happens though.

A typical week is the same as a normal missionary with more planning and more running around. That's all. We do divisions once every week and we call the DL's a lot to remind them what they need to be doing and to teach them little things to help their districts.

Still don't have the picture of my shoes to upload. Well, I have the pictures just not the way to upload them. I'll get them to you somehow.

Mom your week looks busy and poor Audrey is just like her uncle now... :P (Referring to stitches in her chin.)

Well, my companion needs to write and we don't have much time. The temple was really peaceful and I got to reflect a lot about the Atonement there. It was a good refresher just to feel the peace of the temple and to remember the covenants I've made. I got to see the OLD video and I think I like the new one more.  It normally takes 4 or 5 hours on the bus to get to the temple from here.

It made me happy to see Nate Shaw all suited up to go out and serve in the mission field. Tell him hello for me and wish him luck!

Love you to the moon and back! 😁
Elder Spencer James
Hurrah por Israel!

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