Monday, October 5, 2015

No changes, Conference, Toesies

Hello Family,

I'm still here with Elder Laureano in San Lorenzo! We're doing great! I'm learning a lot about being obedient. I figure, the zone can only be as obedient as it's zone leaders. Hence, we are OBEDIENT with EXACTNESS :D It helps when you are obedient like they said in conference. If we aren't obedient, then we'll get eaten alive by sharks. :D

On Friday, I think, We went to Choluteca and got an ingrown toenail removed! That was super fun and not painful at all. You might think I'm being sarcastic but really it doesn't hurt me at all.

For conference, the energy lines failed and the church pulled out the power generators and we watched the Sunday morning session in Spanish... it's not the same in Spanish. I had a lot of thoughts about you guys, Dad and Mom. Elder Holland's talk made me think about Mom and I wanted to say thanks for being there for me and for putting up with me. Sorry for breaking your heart a few times. And then the next talk, Elder Foster, made me thin about Dad for being my hero and trying to help me understand. "I cannot do anything that I have not seen the Father do." and I loved his last thought when he said that parenting "is the pattern of how God blesses His children from generation to generation. Big thanks for being born of goodly parents.

I specifically liked the talk from Larry Lawrence when he talked about asking God what you need to improve and look for an answer through the Holy Ghost. Trust in the Holy Ghost.

Other than the good things you listed to me, Dad, I just wanted to share a few more thoughts on other things that I learned too:

Elder Cook... Self-Control is like a muscle: when it is exercised, it is strengthened.
Elder Martino... Scripture study everyday opens the doors of revelation.
Elder Anderson... Faith does not come by change but by choice. We must act.
Elder Uchtdorf... Are we like Daniel?
Elder Eyring... The story about the Elder's Quorum President that made friends with all the less-actives in his ward and then he "waited..."
President Monson... Obey the Commandments.
Elder Christofferson... The Church is the creation of Jesus Christ.
Elder Durant... Save money every week (what an important side note of his talk! :D) Exercise your faith. Discipline yourself. And Do It!
Sister Stephens... I loved the story about Cloe that she used to teach commandments.

I got home on Sunday night to write in my journal and I was so tired that all I wrote was, "General Conference was good today." But it was really good. I loved it a lot.

Wish I could write more but I can't. OH! And Carmen went to the Saturday Morning Session of GenConf. She loved it a lot. Juan went too, but Elder Laureano said that he had issues when Apostles would testify that this church is the only true church on the face of the earth. He had big issues with Elder Christofferson's talk I imagine.

Mom, I only know Elder Pope. The other two, I don't recognize off the bat.

Megan, Thanks for your letter. I'll keep reading it. It was a bit long to read within an hour but I'll print it off.

Kristen, I was looking for you in the conference building on the TV screen but no wonder I didn't see you two! You weren't even there! :D

Elder Tuft

PS Jacob Buhler (from the SHS soccer team) was the companion of Elder Openshaw that they showed on the Conference screen in the Priesthood session. That was cool to see a picture of a friend in Conference.

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