Monday, October 26, 2015


Spencer with his district in Danli Spring 2015 and Elder Adrian Q. and Sister Nancy Ochoa, Pres & Sis. Bowler
Hello Mom, Dad and Family,

I don't have much time today... like five minutes because I watched the Face2Face that Dad sent to me to watch and then I got caught up in that. But I wanted to share some great experiences with you and tell you that I am well and in good health.

This was my journal entry yesterday:
Today was super awesome! I feel like God has lead us by the Spirit a lot in the past weeks because of our prayers and because of our obedience. We felt like we needed to visit an old investigator today and when we got there he was sleeping in his hammock and no one came to the door. But we knew that we felt that impression to go to Mauricio's house. So I turned around and went up to the first house and knocked on the door. A man in his 50s opened the door and let us in. A little further into the lesson with him about the restoration, he asked us, "Who sent you two? Did one of my neighbors tell you to come here?" And we responded that we had felt the impression to knock on his door and that God had sent us. We had a great experience. The man's name is Siriaco.

A month ago we met a woman in Nacaome named Esmerelda. (She was the one who had lots of problems with the law of chastity.) I saw her in church today in the district conference. I'm so happy that she's getting reactivated! And her husband was there with her!

Orbelina came to church today with her son and his family and she shook my hand really enthusiastically after. Juan and Ana (that got baptized) came as well, and they aren't doing so well. They are having family problems right now and I think that Juan will have to leave the relationship behind if he wants to be happy. Suyapa (his companion) is the one causing the problems.

We also talked to a man that goes to another church called "Apostles and Prophets" (they don't believe in modern day apostles or prophets... a little weird) and we talked to him about prophets and my companion mentioned Joseph Smith and I saw him changed his expression suddenly and could tell he did not want to talk about Mr. Smith... So I pulled out the Book of Mormon and told him that he may have heard many rumors but the truth of him being a prophet relies on the Book of Mormon and not on what others think. He still wasn't convinced and so I opened to Alma 36 when Alma shares his conversion story and I felt, my companion felt, and I bet that he felt the Spirit testifying of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. I felt that we did and said all that God wanted us to say and I hope that he will read to Book of Mormon and pray to know if it's true, as we invited him.

That's all folks! Got to go!
Elder Tuft

Thanks for sending the fotos. I'm printing them off. Love you!

I'll print the story you sent me too! Thanks for giving me inspiring stuff to read. :D

This Halloween will be chill. They don't do anything to celebrate here. The other missionaries talked it way up last year.

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