Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Journals, Personal Changes, and Christmas Letter

Hello Family,

First off, thanks for the letters! I like letters. Second, Kyle, That's a lot of happenings and congratulations. My first impression was exactly like yours when I read that Kemp offered to sell the business to you. I just said "No Way!" out loud and Elder Laureano wanted to know what happened, so I explained your letter to him and then I said, "But that's too much. He'll just waste his time." But then Elder Laureano said, "Why would he be wasting his time?" And then I started thinking, "Better in just about everything. Better job, better application of what he's studying, better pay. Better, better, better." God always opens doors and lets us choose which door to take. Son tuyas las decisiones.

Mom, there's a blog for the mission now. Go and take a look: ServinginTegucigalpa.blogspot.com

As of this week, I got sick on Saturday and I'm still walking around with stomach aches from Hermana Glenda. She's always given food to us and for some reason the last two meals made me sick to my stomach. But I'm good. Hermana Oldroyd is going to get me a check up in the clinic just to be safe.

I love writing in my journal. I have been really diligent for the past months in writing in it and it's super cool to think back on EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past few months and say, "I REMEMBER THAT!" So write in your journals. It's a commandment! (from God, not from me)

Dad, you asked me about that phrase that I wrote you last week. I've just changed. Maybe what I learned motivated me to be a better person and so I've changed naturally to some extent. But I can feel myself changing still. Change doesn't just happen, it requires desire and choice. I want to be a better person and so I have to actively work on obtaining Christ-like attributes. They don't come just by chance to someone. But God has opened my eyes and I have seen things I want to change and so I'm changing myself. I hope I can change permanently. Sometimes we work hard and fulfill our goals and then stop thinking about it. But I don't want to forget even for one day what I am working on. Some days, I work a lot on Charity. Other days I work on Patience. And so it goes.

Letter For Christmas: Just pick out parts of my other letters. I can't sum up the past year for anyone. Too many things have happened. I'd like it if you put in a little about Carmen S.

Mom, I don't have time to answer all the questions from last week. Sorry but we have to get off.
My Ponderize scripture this week was D&C 4:1-3. I trade ties with some people but I never trade a tie that someone gave me so I'll bring those ones home. My toenail is fine. It's healed now and back to normal.

Also, one of the district leaders in my zone is Elder Scott and Mom, remember the soccer game in Salem that was really snowy and we cancelled the game? Well, he was the right defender in that game and I never knew! :D Small world. Also, Heidi Scott's nephew is in my zone (but his last name is Wardle.)

Love you all! Hugs,
Elder Tuft

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