Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hello Family! (And Sister Eldon)

New transfer with Elder Reinoso (and another guy) in Tegucigalpa
Hello Family,

This week was a great week for learning and having fun in missionary work. Mom, I'm learning that being a perfectionist is a bad thing in regards to many subjects. And so I'm feeling a little less-stressed than I have felt at times before. I hope that's something that will continue for a lifetime.

Thank you Dad for the thoughts about receiving personal revelation. You couldn't have known that I've been praying to understand and hear the whisperings of the Holy Ghost more and that has been a great focus of my personal study. I've also read in Jesus the Christ about the Great Apostasy now and I'm surprised that Talmadge didn't write, "The ____________ is the Harlot of all the Earth." But on the more meaningful side of learning, I was studying why the Apostasy took so much time to end. I think that God gives us complete and full free agency and so a lot of what he has planned in the life of the world has been determined by our decisions and that the Great Apostasy took so long because of humanity and not because of God. I've been studying that to help a less-active and his non-member wife recently.

Looks like I won't be here in San Lorenzo for much longer but I'll let you know next week. We have missionary exchanges this next Wednesday and they'll tell us if we have changes on Tuesday.

I have started to laugh a lot at really hard things lately. Someone will yell at us or argue about our message and afterwards I just start laughing because the message is soooooo painfully simple that it's rare to find someone who really wants to accept it from the start. That's where working with less-actives is super helpful. If you reactivate a less-active, then you bring investigators to church because the less-actives have friends that aren't members!!! :D

I also laugh for the stupid things that satan puts in our path to discourage us. The problems are real but discouragement is the poison of a problem untreated or ignored.

Orbelina has been coming to church every week but, Dad, she has the same problem about the Holy Ghost coming unto the heart and not being able to enter. She shuts a part of it out. But I'm proud of her for making an effort to come to church. 

Love all the pictures family! You guys are awesome and my inspiration. Keep marching on! :D Christmas is ALMOST here but what happened to THANKSgiving! We can't skip gratitude and move on to greediness so fast...

I'll read and respond more to the letter you sent Mom. I don't have tons of time to read and write.

I loved the story, Dad, about the guy who started to read fluently because of the Book of Mormon. That book is such a great book in more than one way!

Love you all! 
Spencer James

PS. Please send this to Sister Eldon.
Hello Freda Eldon,

I hope you have a fantastic day for you very special birthday. I am so happy to have worked and gotten to known you all of my "youthly" years. Thank you for your patience and outstanding example that you have given me throughout the years.

Yours Truly!
With Love,
Spencer Tuft

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