Monday, September 28, 2015

Carmen's Baptism, Ely, and Fran

Hellooo Family Tuft,

Lots of happenings! Wow, that is a plateful for the week. Felicidades Kristen and Ian! Se ven felices and muy bien en las fotos que me mandaron. Felicidades! (Congratulations Kristen and Ian! They look happy and well in the pictures they sent me. Congratulations!) :D Love and miss you all! Lindsay, I hope you had a fantastic time at the dance and that you can focus again on your studies! :D Boys aren't worth it... hahaha

Carmen's baptism went really well! We finished within 45 minutes and a few members were able to come and show support. Carmen didn't invite her family and so we talked to the oldest grandson (Marcelo) living in her house (her kids live in Teguc now and are grown up) and he told us that it was a great surprise for him to hear about Carmen getting baptized and he told us, "If there is a true church in this world, it's the Mormon church. There's a special feeling there. I'll be visiting there again soon." We'll wait and see what God does with Marcelo.

The confirmation went well and then after church we went and visited with Carmen and reminded her about the confirmation and why they put their hands on her head. So we explained that again and in the last prayer, Carmen paused and you could tell that she felt the Holy Ghost in her prayer and that was neat. We had just taught her and then she had a small learning experience after learning.

Then we met Ely (pronounced Ellie) and she's really nice. We found her outside of her house studying to graduate late (she's 22 years old) and we taught her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon as evidence of the Restoration and I asked her, "Would you like to read the Book of Mormon?" She could've said that she was busy with examines and tests and finishing school but she said that she would love to read it. We'll see how far she progresses this following appointment but I felt like she was really excited to learn about a church with convincing evidence that it's the true church.

We also met a really big (fat) man this week named Fran. He's from Cuba!!! He works in selling fish food from Nebraska here in Honduras. He believes that there is a God but he doesn't know who he is or why he exists. But his questions are good questions. I just felt right while teaching him. He's a special guy.

We also taught a less-active family this week and when we got there, two friends of the son (19 years old) were there and listened to us as well. One is Catholic but we had planned earlier in the morning to go teach them about prayer of Joseph Smith and how we can pray and receive answers from God too! Well, Emerson, the Catholic friend, was really interested and he asked us towards the end, "Where can a buy a Book of Mormon?" And we gave him a book right a way of course! :D Then that less active came back to church for the first time in many years!!! I was super happy to see them there and now the son, William, is reading the Book of Mormon too and I hope he gets to serve a mission! That would be awesome :D

The Gospel is such a gift and it's super precious to me because I've seen the way Christ has changed my life and the life of all those who accept us and listen to us. It's such a great feeling to know that God is happy with you as a missionary even though it's not always easy.

Love you family,
Elder Tuft

PS - Dad, thanks for the stories! I enjoyed the orange juice story and I'll read the other one later. Hope you guys are having fun on the zip line. Tell Allison Baily hi for me. (We ran into her at the zipline where she works. She thought Spencer was my brother. Made MY day so I texted him from the top of the mountain about his friend, Allison!)

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