Monday, September 7, 2015

We're Marching On and 9-11

Hello Family,

You guys are great. I love my family so much! Here's a hug to each one of you (even if I've never met you before).

I got the packages this week when we went to Teguc to have a Zone Leader Conference. I loved the ties! And Mom, I've lost no weight but I've gotten taller, or so they say. The new suit will have to be fixed at the bottom to be made longer (already!). And the pants you sent are great but I'll have a tailor take them in so that they fit me better. Thank you for sending those! :D I love the Peanut Butter sandwiches that I've had in the past few days as well. I'm using the Homemade Repellent everyday now and I think it's working. Right now there aren't hardly any mosquitoes though (It's way too hot). You won't need to send anymore probiotics. I think I've collected enough for the rest of my life but thank you for sending so much. :D I don't have any problems with the food right now. I'm super careful of what I eat and I'm really healthy right now. 

I'll write more about President Nelson next week because I don't have my notes on me about everything he said. But I think he made the comment on Family History work because it ties everything back to Families can be together forever. It is the glue that holds the Plan of Happiness together. Without family history, we lose our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents and we lose the opportunity to become mini-saviors on mount Zion. Those comments have helped us as missionaries, focus on the goal. The goal is not baptism. The goal is happiness. The goal is the Family. Just take for example that the church has published two magazines in a row now just talking about the family. The Family is very important because it unites us all.

Dariela went to church last week and loved it. She's not married with that horrible man though. They are rarely married here in Honduras. Everyone lives in a free union. So we've been visiting her and she let us know that her boyfriend doesn't want her listening to us and so he told her recently that he won't pay for her room that she's renting. And so we called her yesterday morning to wake her up so she could go to church and she called us back and said that she can't receive us anymore and she can't go to church or she'll be shunned from her family and boyfriend and won't have any support in this difficult time of hers. So we haven't gone back and we don't plan on going back but the members know and will continue to be her friend and visit with her. :D 

We have an old lady that wants to be baptized. She was talking to my companion (I was on DVs) and they taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she looked down and was pondering and then looked up and said, "When was my baptismal date for?" So she'll likely get baptized. I have to talk to President Bowler about her though because she can't walk or sit for very long because she's so old. So we thought we might be able to baptize her even though she can't go to church consistently. 

Elizabeth and Danny separated and got back together again but for a good reason. They want to get married and work through their problems now instead of get made and throw in the towel. So I pray that this works out. But Elizabeth's mom is made that they got back together. And Elder Laureano and I were thinking, "Well you let them live with each other when Elizabeth was 15 years old! And now you want to separate them after they've created a family with three kids!" But Elizabeth's mom refused to give her food because they got back together and that's frustrating. Satan is working hard on destroying these families.

Tomorrow we have interviews with President Bowler. I'm excited for those! :D

Mom, President Oscar and Flores is the same person. Some call him Oscar and some Flores. So I use both.

Dad, I'm feeling good and the work is moving on. I pray for revelation everyday to be able to say or do something that will help these people in the future so that they can have Forever Families! :D 

Got to go! Love you all! Sorry if I couldn't respond to everything but sounds like you've all had good weeks.

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