Monday, March 2, 2015

About the robbery (ies), investigators, ward council and ANTS in the Cyber

Spencer today at the Cyber writing us.

Hello Family and Friends,

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping busy and from what I've read so far, that's exactly what you've been doing.

So, Mom and Dad both asked about the robbery through the roof. It wasn't in our district or zone. It was the next zone over. It was in Elder Johnson's house. Elder Rigby had had his wallet robbed and then randomly it showed up (I don't remember how) and Elder Johnson had it at the house waiting to give it back to Elder Rigby. That day, a few guys cut a hole in the roof, stole all the food and the wallet and then left. Before all this however (in the previous 2 months), the same guys broke the windows of the house so the owner of the house replaced the windows and put bars on the windows. Then the same guys removed the bars and windows. And finally, the last time they went through the roof. To say the least, the missionaries don't live there anymore.

This week we taught English to 4th and 5th graders. We're slowly working on teaching the teacher of the class about the gospel. She was a member before but now she's almost Anti-Mormon. She says the church teaches way too much about Joseph Smith. I asked her what the Book of Mormon was about and she hasn't read it because she said it's about Joseph Smith. Ohhh Hondurans.... What will we ever do to erase that bad rumor you spread? All the 4th and 5th graders give us hugs now when we are in the streets. It helps to let people know we are normal. I love little kids :D

Damaris has a date set for the 21st this March. We will be visiting her a lot this week with members too. I hope but I don't feel like she will be baptized yet... everything in the Lord's time table.
There are hardly ever quiet moments in Danli. There is always someone blasting music or their car engine in front of your house or near it. But it doesn't bother me as much now. You get used to it. One thing that ALWAYS cracks me up is when a guy passes by the house selling meat and yells, "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY la carne, si HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY la carneeeee........" And he trails off at the end. I'll see if I can record it and send it to you guys... :D It's hilarious!

Josè is doing great. He came to church and has a real desire to become active and receive all the blessings of an eternal family. He wasn't active for nine years and has a tattoo on his arm from that time that he regrets. But I told him the story about the girl (Fox???) That has tattoos all over her body and up and down her arms and that helped him relax a little bit. We taught the Plan of Salvation with the two commandments: Word of Wisdom and Chastity. We spoke especially about the seriousness of breaking the law of chastity and how we cannot have an eternal family if we don't obey the law of chastity. I was soooo sad at the end when I went to share the hymn book with his wife, Iris, and on her phone, she was watching pornography. She wasn't sitting next to her husband but I told her, "Iris, remember, we cannot watch bad things like that." But she saw in my eyes the seriousness of my words. I felt sad for her and mad at the sin. After, Elder Saucedo asked what she was watching and I told him. We were just soooo shocked that we could teach that commandment very clearly and as we teach it, someone can disobey it. We are going to be teaching it again in the next visit. We also are taking them to a member's house to learn more about families.

The ward council is working really hard with us. They are visiting and giving the ward everything they've got. Recently, the second counselor to the bishop, shared a story with us. He told us, he's been working and working so hard in the ward and in his work. The other day he came home and they had no more rice. Mario, the second counselor, began to cry because he felt like he was failing in providing for his family. He said, "But I trusted in the Lord and did all I could for Him and when I went to look for the last rice they had, he lifted up the jar and felt a heavy jar full of rice. He continued, "God blesses those who love and obey him. It was a powerful lesson."

We haven't been able to talk to Leydi yet but we're going there this week. We call and talk to her twice every week but she hasn't been available yet. Her baby is doing great. We are going to be concentrating our efforts on her this week. The Relief Society is also planning to visit her this week.

I have seen MY MISSIONARY COMMISSION before but I think it's time I print it out and smack it on the wall :D Thanks for sending it to me.
Love you Caleb! Thanks for the words of advice! :D We try to ask simple questions that make them think but it's really common here in Honduras for people not to think at all. So I got to thinking (hahaha) that we could do a fun, thinking exercise before some lessons to activate that part of their brains. Then they'll understand and answer the tougher questions :D
I hope you can rest this week from the wildfires that ran around the house all week long :D FIRE POWER right back at you! :D Hahaha

I've talked a lot about you guys to everyone I teach. And I don't know what changed but all of the sudden people are thinking that I'm way older than I am. They keep saying, "YOU'RE 18! You look 22 years old!" hahaha but I still don't have to shave everyday... well... if I want to be exactly obedient every day, I have to shave.

We've called Angel a million times but he doesn't answer us anymore. So, we've lessened the amount of calls we give him but we still aren't giving up. The ward and all the friends he had in the ward have lost contact with him too. And no one knows where he lives in La Reforma (the area of the sister missionaries). So, we keep praying. God answers prayers. :D They've finished the mourning services. They only hold the Vela, they call it, the night after and then bury the dead, and that's all. It's way way way fast. The mom has been wearing black ever since though. The whole ward has reached out to comfort her but she just doesn't want to let it go. We can't forget but we can let it go.

I am not so tan actually. The sun here is wimpy. It doesn't tan my skin hardly at all. I look very white still.

I would just like to add, there are ants crawling all around the computer screen right now... only in Honduras. But that's normal here hahahaha :D They're harmless.
Thanks for the letter sister. I hope you get into the Music Program :D That's so awesome! Your story es igual! :D We can't stalk Angel though... We only have a phone number for him. I don't know if I have changes this week. We find out tomorrow. My best guess is that I don't because I'm training Elder Saucedo still. I bet I'll be here for one or two more changes. Love you!

Love you Family! I hope everyone else is doing well. I don't hear from everyone all too often. Just Mom and Dad and Kristen :D They tell me tid bits of everyone's life so that's great :D I just wanted to know if Lindsay and Giavanna get my letters and read them. Even though it seems like such a boring thing to read a letter, I wish I had read every single one of Kyle's and Kristen's letters.

Hurrah por Isreal!
Elder Tuft

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