Monday, March 9, 2015

Great Ward help and Changes (but not for me or Elder Saucedo)

Spencer after a basketball game on P-day

Spencer with some of his District, #3 from left is Elder Graigry Henrie.
(Spencer has an eye infection in his right eye and needs to do without contacts.)

Below is a group of mission friends: Spencer far left, #4 Elder Kristian Huff, #7 Elder Cy Jones
Spencer is using some scouting survival skills and some pyro-techno skills in order to get rid of the beehives at their house! (The netting he is using is what he sleeps in so the mosquitoes don't give him diseases while he sleeps.)
Hello Family and Friends,

Another week has gone by with new experiences, loaded with burdens and smiles, filled stomachs and filled health problems, nevertheless. Maybe we should put to the test, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," and everything will be good next week. God gives us trials to humble us. Above all, he loves us and wants us to be humble and refined in the fiery furnace of change and trials. To start off this week... I love you ALL.

I had some adventures of my own this week. None of them dangerous... but they would be stories to share around a campfire. I'll send a few pictures.

Our ward is working a lot with us now. There has been a huge push from the stake and from President Bowler (By the way, we have interviews with him again tomorrow :D We just found out about it.) and I hope all the wards can "Catch the Wave". The stake is wanting six baptisms from every ward. The mission is wanting one from every companionship in the mission to have 100 baptisms this next month. We are anticipating one baptism this month from La Concepcion (us). Damaris is that baptism. The problem is that she made the comment to a member on Tuesday this past week that she was pregnant. She will have to be interviewed by President before she can be baptized. We have been working and praying so hard, but nothing happens if the Lord doesn't want it to happen yet. We'll be working more with her.

We also had a beehive forming in our little backyard area and so I used some pyro-skills and a little bit of wilderness-survival merit badge crafty-work. I'll send some pics but there are more in my Dropbox account. And yes Mom, I used the net clothing you sent me as a shield from the bees.

I learned a lot about planning this week and we are calling EVERY appt we have one day before we actually have the appt, to confirm the appt instead of wasting time. It helps a lot and we are having more success. I have learned that, while I have great desires to serve, it serves me nothing to have unrealistic goals. I know that Mom and Dad have told me my whole life not to require so much of myself and wear myself out but I'm just learning now what that means. I can't work if I'm tired-out. A phrase that I've adopted this week is, "Wishy-washy doesn't work until wishy-washy plans well."

We've been working with Angelica Vasquez recently and she is positive but slow at accepting the whole truth of the matter. This week she told us she has an issue with music and dancing. She told us they are of the devil. She said some music is of God because it is inspired of God, but she is convinced that the true church cannot dance. She just doesn't understand the whole picture yet and we'll get there with her eventually.

I'm sorry to hear about all the health problems that people have been having. Everyone will and is in my prayers but more importantly is that everything is in God's hands. Love you guys and thanks for all the updates. I hope you get answers to your prayers this week. I am a firm believer that a smile make everything so much easier and to emphasize this point and finish my letter, I'd like to share a short story about this week. Here goes:

Yesterday, we went to visit a new investigator to plan a new appt but no one was answering the door. We heard someone inside and we saw someone looking at us through the fence. We could tell that whoever it was, they didn't want to answer the door and deal with us. We just kept knocking even though it could make the person mad... well, when the person finally opened the door, it was the mom and she was ticked. She said, "Digame!" or "Tell me what your here for!" and so I responded with a great big smile and said, "Hermana! We are so happy to see you! We wanted to talk to you just for a minute. How are you doing? Is there something we can do to help you today?" And her heart and expression changed immediately. She opened up to us and we have an appt with her now this week.

Smiles change everything.

¡Hurrah por Israel!
Elder Tuft

PS - Mom, my one eye is really small in that picture that I just sent and I don't know why... I'll keep an "eye" on it ;D  If you'd talk to Dr. Caywood about it, that would be helpful. I'm using contacts there and I haven't used contacts in a month or so. So maybe that's why.

Also, don't stress this week! You're hair will turn white faster, just like what happens when a bishop finishes his time as bishop, his hair turns more white.

Love you,

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