Monday, March 16, 2015

Testimony, Interviews, Baptism of Alexander, Sunday suprise talk and music leading

Hello Again Beautiful Family and Fun Friends,

This week went by sooo fast... let me just take a minute to breathe and slow down. There has just been so much to do. I wanted to comment about a few things with investigators but first, I want everyone to know that if they send me a message, I do read every single word while I am writing or before I write. I read everything. Sometimes I don't have time to respond to everything because I'm an obedient missionary. Just like the All-Seeing-Eye from Lord of the Rings, my eyes are All-Reading-Eyes!

I love reading all the letters from everyone and it's a challenge to read it all and remember everything when I have a time restraint. But I will always try my best.

This week I had the opportunity to bare my testimony to a young adult who has been searching for the right church to join. We've taught him before and he's already been baptized but it was when he was really young and he doesn't remember anything. My faith in Christ is stronger now because of the doubts that I've had. I have learned from experience that having doubts does not mean that we are bad people or that God will withhold heavenly help. What it means is that we have a question. Just like all questions, they need answers. The Book of Mormon is the answer. If you have a doubt, read The Book of Mormon. I promise that you will feel the Spirit testifying of it's truthfulness. The Book of Mormon was written to be tool to lead us to Christ in these, The Latter-days. Just like Elder Scott counseled to those who haven't read the Book of Mormon, "If that is the case, then do It!" 

We went back this week later and he had a Catholic girlfriend of his visiting, and we had the opportunity to share our testimonies again with her. This time, the young adult dude (Dairin), was helping to explain that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God. 

I'm still teaching English to the loud children at the school. The teacher invited us to eat at her house and we got to know her a little more now. She has a friend that is a member, and her daughter that passed away two years ago was a member. Her son is a member but has left the church too. She told us that she didn't believe Joseph Smith was called of God and we left it at that with her. We'll keep teaching as long as I'm here or as long as she needs to be baptized. She's a great person and can make Baleadas like I've never tasted before... I don't know if I've told you about Baleadas or Catrachos or the Mexican Tacos they make here. Love the food but I love Mommy's food more! We ate hamburgers today and I'll send pictures.

A miracle just happened too! We had our dinner appt call and cancel for tonight and that made me sad but 5 minutes later we had a member call and tell us she needed a blessing before she left for Tegucigalpa. So now we have time to help with that blessing. :D

The interview went well. Pres. Bowler asked me why we have many people progressing but not many baptisms. I told him that the progress of the people here is slow and filled with bumps in the road but they progress. Many people can't or don't want to get married because of laws they have here in Honduras. It's a real struggle. The other thing I told him is that my goal is not to baptize my goal is to have lasting conversions in the lives of all the people I talk to. It may be a small conversion or a big one like baptism but I don't want any more less-actives here in Honduras. I will not add to the pool of less-actives. 

Talking about baptisms, Angel and Helen from El Sitio got married and baptized finally and they are doing great. And I also heard that Familia Barrera will be getting married and baptized soon too (at least that's the goal). And this week, little Alexander is getting baptized and his mom is going back to church now. Alex let his mom know that working on Sunday is bad and is a sin and so she finally listened and chose to come to the Sacrament Meeting. Then the members dragged her into Relief Society and she loved it! So we have another family in the church... The dad is the next stop for us because we've never seen him and she is still living in fornication if she doesn't marry him or separate herself from him.

I would just like to tag Elder Kleiner in the Epic picture that looks like I edited it but I didn't! That was just a perfect moment... The others are from eating at Buffeteros today as Elders in the zone.

We also have an investigator family that is progressing a lot right now. We need to teach them the Law of Chastity still and that's the next lesson we have planned with them. Pray for that lesson. They are such an awesome family. The Dad, Vicente, is such a great guy and needs to find a good, stable job. The mom, Sandra, goes to a Evangelico church and still thinks that she can go to the Evangelico church and listen to us and progress. Next stop for her is the Book of Mormon but she can't read... She won't go to church either... So she's not progressing so much. The daughter, Yilda, just follows the example of her mom because it requires the least amount of change and effort. So, that's the family story for y'all.

We also taught an investigator again that we dropped previously, named Maria, and she's been going to Catholic Bible classes to learn more about the Bible. She says, I will never worship the Virgin Mary or the Saints and she knows that the LDS Church is the true church. She started crying when we bore our testimonies and said she would pray about the baptismal date that we set for her. She will be baptized. It's just a matter of the members befriending her and going to church from now on and para siempre! 

We also had a powerful testimony meeting at the house of a member family. The dad hasn't gone to church in a while but when we came, we saw a spark light up in his eyes and he came to church again this week. This next Sunday, we are going to be visiting people with him to help him remember his temple covenants and to help him feel the value of the Gospel more in his life. 

This Sunday, I felt like the meeting was all mine because the night before, Saturday, Mario Carcamo (2nd counselor) called me and said they needed me to speak because some complications arose. So I accepted and spoke on Sunday about Missionary Work. Then, 5 minutes before the meeting, they asked me to direct the music too because the lady that does it normally didn't show up. But it was a good meeting. We sang, "I Stand All-Amazed" and I started singing the first verse during the second verse and everyone looked at me funny and stopped singing, so I had a solo there for a little bit until I corrected myself and everyone joined in again. ;D hahaha that was really nerve-wracking. Vicente came and Alex came and another investigator, Benigna came (she's a member, not baptized cause she CANT be married because her other husband took off and no one can find him so she can't divorce him now...). So that's this week in a nut-shell. 

Just for the record, I haven't been assaulted, stabbed at, or robbed except for my watch. I'm clean from all harm too. I haven't tripped or fallen or received any big cuts or scrapes either. Honduras is kind of safe after-all! So, Mom, don't worry... I only have 15 months left to avoid all harm and danger... ;D

Tell Connor I miss him too! I miss everyone at home but I think everyone receives blessings for letting me go rather than keeping me at home.

Got to go! Everyone wear green on Tuesday then! Everyone eat green apples too so that they can be healthy and not need to go to the doctor!

Love you,
Elder Tuft
¡Hurrah por Israel!

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