Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Earthquake, Companion issues, Safety issues, LEARNING LOTS

Hey all,

We have 30 min to write this week cause all the other elders and sisters are leaving, and we are leaving as well, to go on a tour of Guatemala City and then eat out at the Wendy's here (which has proven to be safe in the past).

I've been taught about all the safety issues here in Central American including rabies from animal bites because that's common here as well. But don't worry about me, the dog is the one that needs worrying... ;)

My companion and I had a rough spot this week. I'm so glad that I have had friends that I've had issues with, and that we've worked through the good and the bad, because Elder W. has definitely thrown me a few curve balls. We are doing fantastic now though. We've moved past most differences even though we still have our weaknesses. It's easier to see someone through the eyes of Christ when you pray, fast, and try your hardest to do so.

The 4th was wonderful this year. We sang the National Anthem as Norte's here and all the Hispanos thought we were crazy but we didn't care. I felt the testifying feeling of the Holy Ghost as we sang. I know that I have been raised in a blessed nation.

Here's what I wrote this week in my Journal:

I have been pondering in my heart and in my mind the times in my life how I've been blessed with revelation, protection and the small whisperings or words that come to my mind. I know I have been blessed to know many things but one thing I only can hope to know (but probably never will until we move on into the eternities) is how I will do in the end of this life. I have been troubled concerning eternal salvation that comes through Jesus Christ because I don't know how I will turn out at the end of our mortal test. Mortal Eyes are so limited. We cannot afford to close off any avenue of Light and Knowledge because we will halt our progression. I hope to be an instrument of many miracles and conversions in the eyes of the Lord because I want to have greater joy in the life to come.

One thing Elder Bednar told us this week was: "You will recognize and follow the voice of His Spirit as you seek to become who He needs you to become." This was my answer to the questions I've had this week. We may never know what is ahead of us, but the Prophets do and the Lord does so I/we need to trust in him always. Thrust with all our might. Build with all our faith. Fortify with all our might, mind and strength. But most of all, listen to the promptings that come and then do something about them. Never give up. :)

Love you,
Elder Tuft

Mom and Dad,

Yes I felt the earthquake but I didn't know what it was because I was asleep. All I knew was that my blanket fell off me and I was wondering why. So I grabbed my blanket and kept sleeping. Other Elders said they woke up and were wondering what their companion was doing above them on the top of the bunk-beds because it was shaking so much. We get so tired here and it is so much work that any sleep we can get we won't lose.

Everyone in my District is going to "Tegu" Honduras with me but we probably won't be companions but rather we'll be senior companions all together and junior companions together. Maybe even district leaders together later.

Love you tons,
Elder Tuft

PS Thanks for shorter letters.

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