Tuesday, July 22, 2014

HELLO! :) EYE of another Elder, Health, and COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!

CCM Guatemala City July 2014 - Elder Spencer Tuft (third from left in back)
Hello Family,

I've had a great week this week and it's been the exact same as every other week in the CCM. But Some cool things happened and I'll share them later in this letter. :)

My health is great! Everyone else is getting diarrhea and constipation but I've been fine the entire time. I know that God has blessed me with good health and also... thank you mom for the pro-biotics and women pills (pre-natals). Sundays here are really cool! We have a normal Sacrament meeting in Spanish and Elders are randomly called up to give a talk in Spanish, even if they don't know the language very well. I got called up and talked for 4 minutes and bore my testimony and sat down. I shared the story to everyone about some things Grandpa said to me the last time I saw him and bore my testimony about the Plan of Salvation. P-days are just like a Sunday after church. We don't do a ton besides one Devotional at night and free time the rest of the day after the temple. We don't have culture class here because we venture out sometimes into the real world and get familiar that way, like when we went to the market. We also have teachers that are from around here and they don't act any differently than anyone back home. These are normal people here living normal lives like you and me. The pace of traffic and people around here is like freeways on I-15 during rush hour except the speed limit is only as fast as your car can go. American drivers are the scary ones down here that we have to watch out for. 

They don't celebrate Pioneer Day down here. But two nights ago, some idiot lit some fireworks at 11:30 at night that were like gun shots so some of the elders got out of bed and laid on the ground with there hands over their head. Of course I ran to the window ;) hahaha I knew they weren't gun shots but our teacher said that we'd see 1-3 murders on our mission, so some of the elders were spooked.

Earlier last week I had the opportunity to give one of my district members a blessing. He split part of his skin between his eyelid and eyebrow. He was playing basketball and conked heads with another elder. He went to the hospital but he's back and almost healed now :). He said that the nurse came in with a shot for him for the numbness and he kept saying "En mi ojo!" but the nurse put it in his bum! hahahaha  He said that hurt more than anything else. 

I'm excited for Kyle and Jess this week! Buenos Suerte!!! 

Got to go! Send me anything Mom! I'll love it I promise. Just tell me what you send so I can make sure I get it all :) 

Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Tuft
Gpa Y Gma Tuft,
I love you guys so much! You've given me everything, because everything is the Gospel! :D
I'm glad to hear all the good news from home.  Another new, young, and active family in the ward! Keep up the good work that you're doing. I know life wasn't meant to be easy. Everyone has their own challenges and no one understands but the Savior and God. So while it's hard, I promise that it was meant to be that way. Just a thought from Elder Holland: "The Atonement wasn't easy for the Savior so our lives won't be easy for us." We can ask for a priesthood blessing when it gets hard just like when the Savior had the comfort of the Angel when he suffered for us. We will still have to endure but our burdens can be made light so that we don't feel them. In one moment in the Garden, the Lord suffered for everyone. He suffered for the pain of that eye sore you had. If not then the Gospel is not true. Keep looking up, things go better when we do :) Love you Mom. All I have I owe to you and Dad. "Remember who you are!" :D 

Just put anything in the package that you think I'll need. I have my Patriarchal Blessing but could you send me my call letter? Also send music! I love to play the piano but can't without the music! Ask Lindsay if she can find anything that I've played before. Nothing too hard cause I don't have time to practice down here. Also, music to sing would be great, like Come Thou Fount and Amazing Grace, even with the harmonies! That would be great! :D 
Love you Dad! I'm praying for Gpa. He can still touch the lives of anyone with the Gospel. He hasn't forgotten the Gospel. He still has the strongest testimony ever! Let him share it with someone if he can! I love him and will pray for him. Keep sending me your loving messages and thoughts. They mean a lot to me! :D
You got your own studio! Wow, that's what happens to the youngest, I guess! ;) We, as the youngest, are so blessed in our family. We can learn from the mistakes of others, and watch the lives of our siblings unfold. Count the many blessings we have and I promise that your hip will seem like it's nothing compared to what you've been given. God loves you and will bless you to heal completely as you live your life faithfully. Do all you can now to live the life you want to live in heaven. Salvation is not a cheap experience. :) Love you Lil' Sis! Keep smiling, if not for yourself, then for others!

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