Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Last Week here in the CCM!...


It's the last week here in the CCM and I'm really happy to be leaving. I'm told that we shouldn't be happy to leave here because it's harder outside the CCM and there's a lot less babysitting done.

President Cox got results back from some CT scans he had done recently. His right arm was really swollen after he exercised one day and so he got it checked. The report came back from SLC from Elder Nelson that he needed to come back home to get it taken care of. He had a blood clot. So, he went back on Sunday and the surgery went fine so he'll be back to send off my group of missionaries on Tuesday. The replacement president has been awesome besides the fact that he won't let us go just outside the gates to the shop that comes every two weeks for the missionaries who need or want essential missionary supplies. So we have to deal through the fence like the convicts we are.

My Spanish is getting better everyday. I don't know a ton but I can speak the essentials to the natives here that know no English at all. Now all the newbies are asking us to help them with their Spanish so last night I was helping a guy in our room memorize "Our Purpose" in PMG and he's basically got it down in one night! Everyone is really great here!

I do know Elder Jones! He's in my District and he's a really great guy! I didn't know him before but once I knew he was from back home, we hit it off really well.

This next week in the CCM, my district has decided to have an English fast. So... no spanish the entire week! But today we can speak English cause it's our P day :) It's hard but it's also fun. The worst is when someone wants to tell a story but can't cause it will take 15 minutes and won't be as funny. Hahaha but I love my district. Our teacher told us the other day that we have a rep here in the CCM... none of the other districts want to be taught by or teach us because they can't keep up with us and our Spanish. Either our Spanish is rank or it's super super bad...

Did you send the package? I'm really excited for it! I told you last time to send what you felt impressed to send (at least I hope I told you that) but it's so hard to remember at crunch time what I need to tell you to send. So I just hope at this point... haha I wrote it all down but wasn't able to get my list of things to write so I only remembered half of the things I planned on saying.

I'm glad to hear about Milo! Santa Vaca!!!! El esta un gigante! Kyle, if my spelling is wrong on that word, you can correct me in two years... ;) haha

I keep praying for everyone! I've truly been blessed here in the CCM. Oh! and also, thanks mom for getting me the glasses that have the protective coating, because they've fallen off my face a few times and survived it really well! They barely have a scratch on the frame.

Con Amor!
Elder Tuft

Mommy! Love you!
Daddy! Love you!
Everyone! Love you!
Love you Grandpa and Grandma!

PS: It has rained buckets here! And sometimes it floods through our window in the night but even then, I don't sleep with a blanket cause it's so hot! hahaha

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