Monday, March 14, 2016

Investigators and more...

Hello Family,

Sometimes I look back on the week and I don't know how to start my letter to all of you. I'll try my best.

This week we had 47 lessons with investigators and I think 15 of those we did in one day :D. We also met our goal of 15 lessons to retain members. :D I was happy with that. We just keep moving along.

Our zone has responded finally and our prayers have been answered! We've seen them working hard, and they've realized that it's important to be obedient. President Bowler once said, "Obedience with exactness doesn't exist. We either are obeying or we are not." I liked that thought a lot. Can we say that we are obedient if we disobey the little things?

"Cley" has been having issues accepting the doctrine that God the Father and Jesus Christ are two people but it's not because we haven't taught it well, but it's because she's scared, I think, that the answer will be the one she doesn't want. So we have her reading the Book of Mormon and praying. She told us that one night, she couldn't stop thinking about us. She couldn't forget the promises and the testimonies that we had left with her and the Spirit whispered to her repeatedly that she needed to act on what we said. That night, she dreamed that someone told her, "The Mormons are right." She told us that story but she still wasn't convinced. Some point in the lesson I asked her, "Cley, if you come to know that these things are true..." and she interrupted me to say, "I know what you're going to say and the answer is yes IF I know it's true."

It was a cool lesson. They haven't gone to church yet, but we're hoping that this Sunday they'll go.

"H" and Nefi weren't there this week and "H" hasn't answered her phone or called us back. Keep her in your prayers please!

"M" (I don't remember if I've told you about her) has had a headache for the past few days and they don't know why. Keep her in your prayers, as well. We haven't actually seen her because she's been in her room in bed and so we asked if we could sing her a hymn, her sister (who's a member) just looked at us and briefly explained that she wasn't very decent in the moment. Her brother, R answered the door the last time we visited and when we asked for R, he gave us a look and I looked at my companion and said, "He thinks we're hypocrites for not asking how his day has been and because we've only been visiting them recently to talk to M and not to talk with him." I looked at R and asked if it wasn't true what I read from his facial expression and he was really surprised but said yes. Elder Guillen looked at me and asked, "So what am I thinking right now." And I reluctantly told him he shouldn't ask for signs. He was really surprised, as well because that what he was thinking.

Well, to finish things up about M, she has a baptismal date for the 9th of April but we're already seeing Satan trying to dissuade her from making that choice and he's keeping her so busy that she forgets to read the Book of Mormon and pray. We all do that sometimes, don't we? We're too busy doing good things, but then we don't do the things that really matter the most eternally.

E told us that she didn't want to go to church this week but she's reading the Book of Mormon and praying... maybe not as sincerely as she should but we're praying that she will do it for the right reasons and not just go through the motions. We don't like teaching while the dad, R, is there because he talks a lot about stupid things and he's proud and thinks he knows more that two young men. Please pray that we can remember him in our prayers (because we sometimes forget) and have an opportunity to serve R this week. We have a lot to do in these next few weeks.

From the first day in this area until now, I feel like we've made progress and I'm happy about that.

Have a wonderful day today family and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTEN! After I left the computer last week, I remembered IT'S KRISTEN'S BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK! I felt so bad all week long but I didn't forget :D

Mom, can you tell Sister Eldon that she's the most wonderful 3rd grandma I could have! She sent me money to buy something I needed and she always sends me the ward newsletters. I love reading them every month.

You can put me in that apartment Mom. I said a small prayer right now and I feel that it's right. And $200 is alright - thanks. I'm trying to remember all the things that we did with that money previously, but I think it was just because we bought better food than rice and beans and eggs last month and I think we bought cleaning supplies to clean the house. It was super dirty...

I didn't get sick this last week either from the chilaquil :D

Dad, we're still in the same apartment. We sing a lot but this week we've talked so much that we've had raspy throats at the end of a few days. Elder Guillen loves singing. I don't know about S still. E's dad, I think, would give her permission if she wanted to be baptized. We'll talk to Cley about what she wants. This week we kind of did that and she wants to go to the USA and leave her kids with her sister. I feel like she wants to run away from responsibility and her problems. She also needs to find work but there is NO work here in Honduras if you are middle class.

I learned that the condescension of God, that Nephi talks about, refers not only to the condescension of the Son but also of the Father.

Got to go! But I could say more :D
Love Spencer!

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