Thursday, March 10, 2016

Conferences with Elder Alonso, Divisions, Investigators

Hello Fantastic Four (and the rest of the family that aren't living at home) :D

It was a great week this week. I've been doing well health-wise but I'm wondering about the chilaquil that I ate for lunch today... hahaha I'll survive :D Everything is well in Honduras.

This week we had a special conference with Elder Alonso.  We were excited to learn more about opening our mouths more to find more people to teach. Elder Guillen and I will be singing more to soften the hearts of the people in order to teach them, and hopefully, they can feel the Spirit and invite us to come back.

The surprise investigator last week accepted our invitation to listen to the missionary discussions and she had a friend there when we went. Her name is Helen and the friend's name is Nefi. But Nefi isn't a member and neither are his parents. He doesn't know why his name is Nefi but he's interested in learning about who Nefi is. :D

We also had some normal divisions with the AP's. We had a normal day and worked hard. We had been contacting for two hours and had a lot of rejections and so I wanted to say a little prayer with Elder Padilla (AP) but then someone interrupted us and we got a phone call, etc, and forgot to say the prayer. I just learned that when things aren't working, stop doing them and do something different. If we keep doing the same thing then we'll keep getting the same outcome.

Erika C. is doing alright. She didn't like the conference last week and so she said she didn't want to go this week either. Next Sunday she wants to go because we won't be in a stake conference and it'll be more interesting. Her dad basically told us that we talked to much about the new prophets and the Book of Mormon than about the Apostles and the Bible. I told him to hold his horses and relax and that we hadn't talked about anything else because they hadn't understood the basics and so we couldn't teach him the other. He told us, "You're saints of the latter-days, so you guys think your holy or something?" To which we responded, "Have you read the Bible?" He said he hadn't. "Would you take some time this week to read the letters of Paul that are found in the New Testament. We promise you'll understand why we are saints of the latter-days if you study those on your own." We are hoping that he will do something of his own free will instead of ask us interrogating questions before we return. We also hope to find Erika and her mom at home so we can visit with just them briefly.

Cleymer is doing alright as well. She doesn't want to pray with us because she feels shy and she always promises that she will the next time, but never does. While we visited her this week, we asked her how she was and she said, "Bad. I've tried to be good for so long that I'm going to be a bad-girl now. It's easier to be bad than good." We sensed that there was something that had happened because she's not usually like that and we found out that some people had done some bad things to her and so she felt that it wasn't worth it to be good. She felt like bad people always get what they want and she wants to be bad to get what she wants too. So we said a prayer with her and sang a song and everything just calmed down. Then her daughter (Estefany) says, "Mom, you need to say the prayer. You never say the prayer and you lie to the missionaries." In the end she promised to practice saying prayers and we're going to call her today to remind her to practice and tomorrow, she's doing the first prayer before the lesson.

We also found a new apartment but we want to get it approved. It's close to where we are currently and it's bigger. However, it's humble and humble is good.

I just wanted you guys to check the bank account and see if you could put more in money, in case of another emergency or to buy little gifts for you all before I come home. Just a little something.

Dad, President just told me to Open the Mouth more. I'm trying, and changing things EVERY day to be able to Open the Mouth but nothing ever goes exactly as planned. We're working on it.

Elder Guillen is really great. I woke up this morning with a crick in my neck and he massaged most of it out of me. I feel better thanks to him.

Stuard is doing great and I'll be asking for permission to go to the temple with him as soon as he submits his papers and sets a date to go. I'm really excited.

Love, Spencer James

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