Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Update on E. Reinoso, A lot of studies, etc, etc etc

Hello Mom and Dad,

It's been a really calm week this week. Actually, it's been pretty hectic but I have felt for the most part peace and calm. There have been a few issues with Elder Reinoso and that's basically it. I'll explain about that later in the letter.

I went on a lot of splits this week. One night we went to visit a new investigator that we contacted also this week. We were going to have a first lesson with him and I was with another missionary, Elder Miranda, at this time.  But the investigator wasn't there. But Elder Miranda shouted "BUENAS!" so loudly that the family, who were seated outside in the little street/sidewalk area, all flipped their heads to see us and figure out what was going on. The mom of the investigator was one of them. We went over to talk to them and teach them the gospel. I had been tired of being cooped up for hours in the house and was grateful for the time I had to leave and walk and teach and find new people. I was super nervous to talk to this biiiiiiig group of people. I don't know why I was nervous but I started to teach them and they responded well. They told us to give them the message right then and not wait for a next visit. So we taught them in this little street. I felt so free to testify that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon is true. It was super special. As a result of the message, we were able to set up an appointment with two of them in their homes this coming week.

We also taught the son of a new convert. The lesson was really spiritual. He's not married and doesn't think he'll get married right now. His "wife" and her family are strong in another religion supposedly. The man, Franklin, has an Evangelist background. I was with the new convert on splits and so I talked most of the time. I laid out all the cards so that there wouldn't be any surprises for him in the future and he was really meditating on changing his life. At one time, I saw that his expression changed and I asked him if he had a question and he told me, "No, I just am thinking a lot about what you just said." I hope that he will want to make the changes necessary so that he can be happier. His dad, the recent convert, has been praying so much for this opportunity to teach his son. :D

Elder Reinoso is not super good right now. I offered to give him a blessing so that he could get better faster but he said he was alright. I'm writing so late today because we were at doctor's appointments. He has something wrong with his Achilles tendon in his heel. It wasn't that bad when he first sprained it but the doctor gave him a shot and told him he was good. Now the shot has worn off and he's bad again. So he'll have to do some shock therapy to help him for two weeks and then he can start to walk gradually again for another two weeks. President is going to send a mini missionary to work with me and Elder Reinoso will be resting. If he's not recovering soon, then President will send him home. Elder Reinoso was crying because it looks like going home is a 50% possibility right now. But I told him that if God doesn't want him to go home, then he will not go home but will get better in these next two weeks.

But I'm doing great. We haven't been able to do much with many investigators. Jaime and his family came to church (all of them). And Jaime even came in a white shirt and tie in his suit. Last week he came in a colored shirt instead of white. I think he likes church at least a little bit. We've been teaching them the Plan of Salvation again. I can see how the Holy Ghost has enlightened Lourdes and Karla. They had great questions and understood really quickly. Jaime's grandma had a little trouble understanding though.

Tomorrow we have Leadership Council (I think that's what it is called in English). It'll be great to see the new changes and to learn a lot.

Pray a lot for Elder Reinoso this week. I don't want him to go home (and he surely doesn't want to either).

Love you all! Have a wonderful week full of adventures and excitement!
Elder Tuft

PS I just got the Wedding Invite in the mail. Cute picture Kristen and Ian! :D Love you guys!

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