Monday, January 11, 2016

New mini-missionary, Lourdes and Family, Franklin, etc.

Hello Mom and Dad and Family,

I love you guys a lot. And one day while I was eating, I noticed a calendar. That was a bad thing. So, I counted the weeks until I'm home. 23 or 24 weeks. ;D And they will be the best weeks of the mission! I love the mission and my heart breaks to think that I have to leave this country one day. It also gets annoying when the members ask, "How long have you been on the Mission?"

I received a mini-missionary (Elder Henrriquez from Amapala, Honduras) this week to help me while Elder Reinoso is recovering. We have a member (YM) that is helping us from our stake to take care of Elder Reinoso. So that makes it easier for me to work with the mini-missionary full-time. We had some interesting, fun, and great experiences this week. I'll tell you all about later.

Elder Henrriquez is awesome and I love how simple and humble he is. He's quiet and he's helping me to be quiet and talk less. I talk a lot less now and I see that the investigators have opened up to discussion more. It's part of teaching people and not lessons, I think. I just have gotten in the routine of things and it's been good to be shaken up a little and remembered of the fundamentals of Preach My Gospel.

We taught Lourdes this week about the Three Kingdoms of Glory. Ana was there and Karla, but Jaime was sleeping. Karla is a sponge!!! She noticed how the preachers here in Honduras always say that if you do good things, you go to heaven, and if you do bad things, you go to hell. And then she said, "But then they start talking about a judgement and so I've always been confused about that part." So we helped her out a little there but she understood without us explaining much. Ana is also a sponge but she doesn't react or talk a ton. But she listens and observes and thinks a lot.

Franklin and Claudia (wife) are doing great. We just had one visit with them this week but afterward we went to set up a new appointment and they told us to come back the next day. We couldn't the next day so we set up the appt. to be in two days and were super excited for us to come back. Then I got a call the next day and they said that an emergency came up so they couldn't receive us. Then we set up the next appt for this week. I hope Claudia read the pamphlet we left of the Restoration and so that way it'll be super easy to explain. They are two really special people. Elder Henrriquez told me after the lesson that he felt that God wants them to get baptized sooner than later.

Elder Reinoso started walking slowly without crutches today. The therapies are working and he's overcoming the pain. He doesn't have a serious injury. He may have had just a sprain but he stopped walking on it and so it got worse. Now it's getting better that he's moving it more.

Leadership Council was awesome: we had a few changes from the Missionary Committee that we received this week.
1. There are no more official meetings to be able to do missionary changes every 6 weeks. They will be sending us from area to area by phone calls every 6 weeks instead.
2. Missionary Splits are changed a little as well. District leaders and zone leaders are not to do splits in other areas. They are only allowed to invite their district missionaries to their area. That means that for the day, there will be four missionaries in one area doing splits. The reason is because the leaders should be an example. So all divisions will be held in the leaders' area. To do baptismal interviews, leaders are to go and do the interview and then return immediately to their area.

That's all I can write for this week! I'm out of time. Take care and I love you all! :D
Elder Spencer J. Tuft

Dad, I was with Franklin's Dad, Mercedes, when we taught him the first time. These week was the second time but we didn't teach with Mercedes because he wasn't home yet from work.
Karla is working on her family History but is a little hesitant to start working because she wants help from Sammy, her partner in the Family History Depot. (Karla was given the calling to serve as a family history consultant with Sammy). We haven't taught about the Family History part yet because we have been re-teaching the Plan of Salvation and we just finished the other day. This week, I believe we will start on the Family History again. Jaime was asleep because he's super tired after work. I'm sure you can imagine exactly how he feels some days. Ana is reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church and the other day I asked her if she had thought about baptism and she said, "mas o menos". But she won't put a date because she doesn't feel like it's time yet. So I told her, "Ana, since the first day I walked in this house, I felt like the whole family was ready. It's your choice in deciding when, but you are ready, Ana." She looked at me like, "Really??? I'm ready?" And then looked at her mom and gave me a smile.

Mom, Keep up the missionary work! :D You're doing great!

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