Monday, May 4, 2015

I love challenges! Yay!

Muy, muy buenos dias a todos!

It was an interesting week to say the least. Elder Johns and I are doing great and we're doing everything we can to revive this area. It's like opening an area again basically. We dropped Damaris and many other investigators that we've had for a while because they are not progressing and don't want to progress right now. So, we're starting at square one. We have a lot of new investigators and we'll see how it goes with them or not.

Honduras just keeps getting weirder by the day. We've had a lot of interesting encounters with many people especially anti-mormon people ignoring us and/or talking bad about the church.

On Thursday we talked about overcoming the fear of men. So now we are expected to desafiar every person in every first lesson, without exceptions. We also are expected to desafiar in the streets. We've been told to not waste time with people that say they don't want to be baptized or don't want to try. We've found a lot of people that surprisingly would be baptized if they receive an answer. So it's a lot of change for us. It's really hard too because that means that we get to feel more sadness when people tell us "no". They say that all churches are God's church and that God won't come for just a church but will judge us for our hearts and desires. And in that way they harden their hearts against hearing the restored gospel. But I read in Alma 8: 10-20 and I felt that those verses were written for all of the missionaries in Honduras and in the world. It's sometimes hard to find the people who are ready for baptism but if we don't look for everyone and talk to everyone, we will never know.

Love you family! GTG now. Talk to you about 4 o'clock my time on Sunday!

Spencer Tuft
Hurrah por Israel!

Mom, I got the oils from Elder Rigby. One cedarwood and four terrashield. And your letter didn't come again... :( but I got the two pictures you sent.

Dad, I didn't do the interview but I'll do it soon. The Liahonas should get here within the next few weeks and I'll read it then. I have it marked in my study journal which talks I want to re-study first.

And Elder Johns is learning to be more obedient now. He was really really disobedient in his last area... like playing video games and watching TV in members houses. But that's all changing. He tells me everyday, "You're so fletch man." But he's learning. And I'm learning to look inward at myself before I start to judge him and I feel like that's really working well for us. A wise man once said, "An example is stronger than words." and then I can always hear the words in my head, "Is it I?" before I hear, "Is it him?"


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