Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Mother's Day, Starting from Square One

Spencer on Mother's Day 2015 Skype with Kristen, Megan, Thomas and kids upper right, Jess, Milo and Kyle middle right, and Pam, Brian, Lindsay and Giavanna lower right. (Giavanna finally got to meet Spencer.)
Hey Family,

It was so great to talk to you yesterday. I loved seeing all of you and seeing that you're all doing well. What a miracle it is to be able to talk to all of you from three different places at a single time!

This week, like I told you yesterday, was really difficult to find people who are willing to listen. It's also been a little difficult with Elder J. and helping him to teach in the lessons more. I worry about this area and I don't want to leave but at the same time I feel like it's been long enough. I love Danli a lot. I'm going to be thinking and praying a lot in these next few days for guidance in helping get this area going again. Everything died in the area while I was sick. We had 25 lessons with investigators this week and that was a huge jump from previous weeks but we still are lacking in the progressing investigator part of the conversion process.

The hardest part of mission work here (Mom commented on this in her letter) was that it's a difficult message to understand if you don't comprehend the need for a living prophet and living revelation in God's LIVING church. But we had an experience yesterday after talking with you guys that might help. We taught Stuard's Grandma about prophets and that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And with many other EXAMPLES, we were able to show what a prophet is and how God uses them to accomplish His work here on Earth. We explained about the Great Apostasy and then I shared the Restoration and First Vision part. The only problem that she has now is that she was thinking that the story of Joseph Smith was in the Bible but we'll clear that up in the next visit.

I've had to explain the Restoration so many times now but I didn't realize until I was with Elder Huff that I needed to explain prophets so thoroughly. I get it now though :D

Also this week, I've been trying to trust in God more and more and I feel like He's testing me a lot. I feel like He's done a "Hands-off" approach to help me learn. I pray and pray for guidance but I never get an answer except, "Press Forward." I don't understand at all but I'm learning, I think, that sometimes it's enough if only Heavenly Father understands. His thoughts are higher than my thoughts; His ways are higher than my ways. It would still be helpful to receive some guidance though to help this ward grow.

I talked with my companion last night and asked him why he thought that this area was so hard and not progressing and our thoughts were that it's either a test from God or that we are not being obedient in something. I'm trying to be obedient in every moment- going to bed and waking up on time, following the schedule of the day, never wasting time, practicing the lessons, studying the lessons- but something isn't working right. I'm sure God will let reveal what we need to do to help fix it though in these next few weeks.

Love you tons,
Elder Tuft

Hurrah por Israel!

PS Congrats to all those Mothers in the World! And to Brittany and Ty! Congrats to Nathan Shaw for the Mission Call! Hit the ground running!

Dad, Thanks for the Family History stories! I printed off a HUGE family history chart and it looks great. I hope the presentation on Thursday will go well. Thanks for your help and mom's help too! Don't over-do it on your foot Mom!

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