Monday, December 29, 2014

The week in between Christmas and New Year's.

Sister Bowler, Spencer's mission president's wife arranged to have this put together. There were some of us moms who helped put it together for the Bowler's because their mission budget was depleted. We had many miracles along the way that came together JUST when we needed it. It was awesome to be a pawn in the process. The following is from Sister Bowler, and the link to the YouTube clip she posted for the Moms/Dads:

The video is finished! The first part is the video we showed the missionaries at their Christmas parties. The second is a video of pictures from those Christmas parties. I hope each of you get to see a glimpse of your missionary. Thanks for a wonderful Christmas!
Hey Family,

It was great to see you all on Christmas Day! Thank you for all the gifts and for all the fun treats and smiles too! I love the "Popcorn Popping" song that is on the MP3 and also the "Follow the Prophet" song. Elder Huff and I like to rock out to them when we're in the house. It looks really funny though cause we turn all the volume down when we dance and so it looks like we're dancing to nothing, Hahaha. We haven't had any problems with any drunks this week either. I was told that everyone gets drunk on Christmas Day but we didn't see anything. I'm pretty sure that Heavenly Father is watching over the two gringos in Danli ;D

I love the stretch and power bands! We use them every morning to exercise! That was a great idea, and it even has some stretching and lifting exercise charts to follow too! I've been eating the FiberOne bars and they are helping tons! :D The doggy taser is fun... I ACCIDENTALLY tased myself though when I was learning how to put it away and pull it out of the little hip-case it has. Everything was really great! I love to wear Gpa's ties, especially parading around the brass plates! I can't comment on everything but just know that it was a great Christmas full of love!

We had two really cool experiences this week that I wanted to share:
1. We taught Hermana Lesli's daughter this week. She's less active and served a mission. We taught her before but she still didn't come to church when we invited her. We taught her again and asked the question, "What did you teach on your mission?" She said, "What you're teaching right now."

And I responded, "Entonces? (And soooo?)" In the end she said that she would see tomorrow if she would go and of course she didn't. The Spirit was soooo strong in that lesson and she still didn't go to church. So we went back on Monday and asked what happened. She told us that the night before she said she wasn't going to go (complete lie). She also said, she just doesn't feel good when she goes.
We've asked if it was because of members or because of personal problems and she said, "No, I just don't want to go right now."
And I told her, "Hermana, está obedeciendo los mandamientos?"
"Hermana, hoy es el dia para cambiar. Mañana no existe y el pasado es el pasado. Se puede cambiar pero tiene que empezar hoy."
She still said she will not come to church but we are going to just stop by every week and share a spiritual message with her. I hope that she will find the divine current and start to flow back to full activity in the church. She's had members come to her house to help, the bishop, her mom too! And she still will not go back to church. She is a bad example to her children even though she sends them every week.

2. We were with a group of teenagers this past week and they were pounding us with questions as we explained the Plan of Salvation. One of the boys asked, "Are you waiting spiritually for the second coming of Christ?" and we responded, "We are waiting with all our heart, might, mind, and strength for the second coming of Christ." He was about to rebuttal us and put up his finger in protest but them thought about it for a second and bowed his head in defeated silence. The rest of the lesson was a smash and all the teenagers invited us to come back and teach them more. Whether that means they want to prepare more questions or if they want to actually learn, we'll see.

I'm always praying for you guys and I hope Sister Anderson know that she will be my prayers and fasts. And Thanks for the cool story about the Provo City Center Temple! That's incredible!

We walked three kids and three teenagers to church this week because their parents didn't want to go but their kids did. We actually were walking by a random house and saw a teenage girl and her little sister and just asked, "Hey! Do you want to go to church with us?" and they said yes but their parents said no. So that was cool! We walked into the chapel late though, in the middle of a talk, and the whole ward was looking at us (like we had a little army of investigators) and they all were so happy to see we were working really hard. That night, the bishop told us he'd like to set apart some time to go with us to some families. The ward is changing, and the people are changing here. Thank you for your prayers and Mom, thank you for your prayer after the Skype Call cause people are becoming a little more receptive to the Gospel! I wish with all my heart that people will feel the Holy Ghost and decide to change their lives because they know what we are teaching is true and because God loves them more than they can comprehend.

Love you family! The Church is the ONLY TRUE CHURCH on the earth. Joseph Smith was and is a prophet called of God. The Book of Mormon is true and I invite you to start reading it again when you can. We grow closer to God as we read the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is the BoM (Bomb! ;)

Hurrah Por Israel!
Elder Tuft

PS Thank you Kristen for you letter too! I love hearing from you every week! You'll be a great EFY counselor if you get accepted! Good luck moving on Saturday! You'll do fine.... No Tenga Pena! Mucho Amor!

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