Monday, December 8, 2014

Lots learned again, but that should be every week, I hope!

Hey Family and Friends,                                                                                     8 December 2014

It's been a normal, hard, and rewarding week.. I got the packages, Mom, on Wednesday!  Kristen (and family) thank you for the USB and the video of you guys. I'll see more of you on the 25th! The USB was a great idea and I really loved everything you sent. I will have to have all the files modified to be mp3 or mp4 though because they don't work on anything down here. I can watch them on a computer but we don't have one. I can watch them on some TV's but we don't even have that capability. I have felt really restricted by some of the rules of late. I understand why they are there, and that I am no exception, but I also feel like the Gospel is much more effective when we use all mediums to learn and grow. Everything will work together for good in the end. 

Mom and Dad, If you have time, read section 100 of D&C and then read my patriarchal blessing again paragraphs 4, 6, and 7. I saw a missionary get sent home this week. He was such a great person with a very strong testimony. He taught me that we can seek and strive to have a "mighty testimony". He had sooo much potential but then threw it all away because he didn't obey the mission rules to stay inside your zone, unless you have permission to leave. I was so sad when he went home. We also had some sisters this week do something not so smart... They locked their keys in the house and then broke into the house to get them and open the door. Now they have a 16,000 Lps fine because they didn't have a contract for renting the house. People can do some dumb things. I am guilty of dumb things, even some things I'm not proud of. It's been a really personal learning process. I never knew I could begin to change like I have. And so, I have learned the following this week.

LDS Video on YouTube : "Forgiveness: My burden was made light" (minute 7:07 y adelante)

God loves us and so He gives us experiences to grow. Just let Him make you grow! You cannot grow alone just like a plant cannot plant itself, water itself, or move itself into the area with the appropriate amount sunlight. A plant cannot increase its defenses against bugs and viruses either. We are then plant and God is the Master Gardener. Just let Him garden.

We did go to the temple last week, but we didn't go inside. I still haven't gone inside since I left the CCM. I hope I can go inside soon. We also didn't have changes yet. This Wednesday we will have changes. I want to stay because of the members and investigators that I have here. I want to leave because of the rudeness of this city to us. All the other churches combine against us and spread rumors and lies about the "Mormon" Church. They say we worship Joseph Smith. They tease us about not drinking coffee. They tell our investigators that they will be disowned by the community if they join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Then they send out their false ministers and preach false doctrines but having the appearance of godliness "but denying the power thereof". I wish I was a British police officer with two batons! One called "Did-you-feel-that!" and the other "How-about-that?!" I just had to recap and expound a little more about the "Understand-Me" Stick. It gets frustrating sometimes but these thoughts help lighten my mood.

Dad, I told the story about digging up Peter Shirts to illustrate the seriousness of the work for the dead. Do you think they understand how important it is now? Ha ha! J

I wrote down this week in my planner "The power of ONE choice...diligently attending to the things of God,” with the reference to D&C 84: 42-44. So if that makes sense to you, then you’ll understand what I was thinking but I don't remember exactly at this moment.

Angel doesn't have work yet but he will this week. He can't start his marriage paper until he has the money and so he might not be baptized or married this month but we have planned for the 27th! And so we pray! I'll send pictures now.

Love you all and Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Tuft

PS – Kristen, I just want pictures that remind you of Gospel things (like the temple cover that you put on the agenda for me.) I want to decorate my agendas/planners with them. If they could be the right size (bigger is better because I can crop it, but small is not), that would be great! You know Kristen :D You decorated your agendas all the time, I'm guessing.

Thank you, Mom for the literal picture of our Church building... that made me laugh :D Ha ha haAnd the Muppets don't live on Sesame street either :D But good try! Love you Mother and Kristen! I need photos of you two, as well, because I have all the family on the wall but you guys! :D

I got the packages but it some of the presents had ripped from the ride so I closed it all up in one box and I don't know still what's in it. Thank you soooooooo muuuuuuch :D I am so grateful for all that you and Dad do for me. I can feel your love here in Honduras. 

PSS - Elder Rincon is the oldest in his family. His dad was an alcoholic and he has suffered poverty for a year or two of his life. He reminds me of Kyle sometimes because he is comfortable being in charge and leading. Other times, he takes it too far and spends an hour trying to beat the same message into me that he has learned. I just patiently bear it at these times cause it's worth the wait and not worth losing a friend. He is also reserved too. He's a great guy with great potential. God loves Elder Rincon and I have felt that much. I don't need much more than that I guess :D 

Love you more than X's and O's! (and huge smacks!)

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